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Enid Blyton Books

I have a soft spot for Enid Blyton books because they were the first books to really spark my interest in reading.

enid blyton booksEnid Blyton

I actually remember the exact moment when this happened. I was not quite seven years old and listening to my mum read one of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books to my sister and I at bedtime. Our family was travelling from Hong Kong to Australia on a ship at the time so we were sharing a room and Mum would read us a chapter a night before we had to go to sleep.

But I found the story so exciting that I couldn't possibly sleep without knowing what happened next so I used to turn the light back on after Mum had gone and read the next bit by myself.

At the time, the writing was a bit beyond my reading ability but my reading skills grew in line with my motivation to read on and I was hooked!

When my sons were about six, I introduced them to the Secret Seven series and we had great fun reading them together.

I was thinking the books might be a bit old-fashioned for the tastes of children today but the adventures are still lots of fun, for younger kids in particular. My boys loved them, as did their sister when she was old enough to read them.

About the Enid Blyton Books

Enid Blyton wrote around 1500 novels, novelettes and collections of short stories during a career which lasted for over forty years. Between 1927 and 1959 she also wrote the entire contents of three different series of magazines - Sunny Stories for Little Folks, Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories and Enid Blyton’s Magazine.

There are also various annuals, anthologies and readers which contain contributions by Enid Blyton. Many of these stories were written especially for specific books and were never published anywhere else.

Enid Blyton's books have sold over 600 million copies, have been translated into 90 different languages and are still in print today, a pretty amazing feat for any author.

But the most famous Enid Blyton books are the various series she wrote.

For a full list of Enid's books, click here. 

The main series she wrote are: 

Adventure Series 
Five Find-Outers 
Secret Seven 
The Famous Five 
The Secret Series 
Malory Towers 
St Clare's 
The Faraway Tree 
The Wishing Chair 

Acknowledgements (and for more information): 
Enid Blyton, The Biography by Barbara Stoney 

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