The Famous Five Books

The Famous Five books are a series of 21 books for children written by English author Enid Blyton between 1942 and 1963.

Enid Blyton wrote many, many books for children but The Famous Five is her most popular and best-known series.

the famous five, five on a treasure island

I have a really soft spot for The Famous Five books because they're very much responsible for kick-starting my love of reading.

I even remember exactly when this happened!

I was not-quite six years old and my mum was reading one of the books to my sister and I before bed.

The story was so exciting I couldn't wait until the next night to hear another chapter so, after Mum had said 'good night' to us, I sneaked the light back on and kept reading.

The book was a bit hard for me to read by myself but I really wanted to know what happened next! 

About The Famous Five Books

The Famous Five are a group of four children who, together with Timmy the dog, have exciting adventures together.

Julian, Dick and Anne are siblings who are often sent to stay with their aunt and uncle at their home on Kirrin Island in Cornwall during the school holidays.

There they team up with their tomboy cousin, George - who hates to be called by her real name, Georgina - and George's dog, Timmy.

Enid Blyton only ever intended to write about six or eight Famous Five books in the series but they sold so well that she went on to write 21 full-length novels.

Together the books had sold over 6 million copies by the end of 1953 and nearly all of them have been adapted for television over the years.

These days, the books sell about two million copies each year, making them one of the biggest-selling series for children ever written.

Most libraries have copies of The Famous Five books but, if you'd like to buy one or a couple, the books are all shown below.

I'd recommend reading these aloud to 5-8-year-olds.

Independent readers aged from about 8-9-years-old would enjoy them on their own. 

The Famous Five Series

Five on a Treasure Island Five Go Adventuring Again Five Run Away Together
1. Five on a Treasure Island
2. Five Go Adventuring Again
3. Five Run Away Together

five go to smugglers top five go off in a caravan five on kirrin island again
4. Five Go to Smuggler's Top
5. Five Go Off in a Caravan
6. Five on Kirrin Island Again

Five go off to camp Five Get Into Trouble Five fall into adventure
7. Five Go Off to Camp
8. Five Get into Trouble
9. Five Fall into Adventure

five on a hike together five have a wonderful time five go down to the sea
10. Five on a Hike Together
11. Five Have a Wonderful Time
12. Five Go Down to the Sea

Five go to mystery moor Five have plenty of fun Five on a secret trail
13. Five Go to Mystery Moor
14. Five Have Plenty of Fun
15. Five on a Secret Trail

Five go to billycock hill Five Get Into a fix Five on finniston farm
16. Five Go to Billycock Hill
17. Five Get into a Fix
18. Five on Finniston Farm

Five go to demons rocks Five have a mystery to solve Five are together again
19. Five Go to Demon's Rocks
20. Five Have a Mystery to Solve
21. Five Are Together Again

For complete details about the Famous Five books have a look at the wonderful website of the Enid Blyton Society. 

The site contains all the publication details, in-depth reviews of each book and information about the artwork and covers. 

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