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Clarice Bean

The Clarice Bean books are a series of six brilliant picture books and novels for kids aged from about 8-10 years old. The books were written and illustrated by English author Lauren Child and the first book came out in 1999.

Lauren Child, Clarice BeanAuthor Lauren Child with one of her illustrations of Clarice Bean

The books are really hilarious - laugh-out-loud funny, in fact. The books will appeal mostly to girls, although I think most boys would enjoy them.

My daughter read and loved them when she was about eight and I read them too and really enjoyed them.

The first three books are picture books while the next three are chapter books but with illustrations and lots of fun in the text.

Clarice is 12 years old and the books are definitely suitable for readers up to that age.

The layout and text on each page also make them very non-threatening - and therefore appealing - to readers who perhaps struggle a bit. They're my go-to books for reluctant readers.

The Clarice Bean Books

clarice bean thats me

This gorgeous picture book is the first Clarice Bean book.It introduces the irrepressible Clarice Bean who is on a constant search for a little peace and quiet amid the wacky chaos of her large extended family. Clarice's family comprises her annoying little brother who shares her room, her older brother who's in the tunnel of adolescence, dad who hides in his office swaying to Frank Sinatra and mum who listens to foreign language tapes in the bath.

Ages 6-9 (1999)

my uncle is a hunkle, clarice bean

When Clarice Bean's mum and dad have to go away on Important Business, Uncle Ted comes to stay. Everything goes really well at first, but before long there's a guinea pig on the loose, Granddad's gone missing, and Clarice's little brother is stuck in the railings. So it's Uncle Ted to the rescue! Another hilarious picture book which is great to share with children of all ages.

Ages 6-9 (2001)

what planet are you from clarice bean

This is another very funny picture book which focuses on the environment, showing us how little things can make a big difference. Clarice Bean is learning about planet earth at school and needs to think of a project on the environment, but her mind is a blank. When she discovers that a big neighborhood tree is about to be chopped to pieces, she decides to become an eco-warrior, joining her quirky family in the tree.

Ages 6-9 (2001)

utterly me, clarice bean

This was the first Clarice Bean book my daughter and I read (and the first of the chapter books) and it's hilarious. Clarice's favourite books are the Ruby Redfort books, Ruby being an ace detective. Ruby gets to have exciting adventures, but all Clarice gets to do is go to the local shop on her own. Then Clarice and her best friend decide to do their school project on the Ruby Redfort books and suddenly they're finding mysteries everywhere.  

Ages 8-12 (2002)

clarice bean spells trouble

This story involves the school play and a spelling bee. As Clarice ponders over mysteries like why YOU isn't spelt U, she seems to be getting into trouble every time she opens her mouth - almost as much as Karl Wrenbury, the naughtiest boy in school. All Clarice wants to do is star in the school play and impress Mrs Wilberton in the spelling bee, but things don't go according to plan.

Ages 8-12 (2004)

clarice bean, dont look now

Clarice has been writing her worries in a notebook and has come to the conclusion that it's the worry you hadn't even thought to worry about that should worry you the most. Now her worst never-imagined worry has happened - her best friend Betty is moving away forever. Clarice is so upset she doesn't even care about the Ruby Redfort movie premiere! But then something happens to change things again.

Ages 8-12 (2006)

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