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About Best Books For Kids

Hi, I’m Felicity, wife, mum to three young adults, writer, primary (elementary) school teacher, obsessive reader and the founder of

I thought you might like to know a little bit about me and why I started this website so I wrote this page to explain something about my background.

Of course, if you're really not very interested in me (a distinct possibility!) and/or if you get bored reading this, feel free to click on one of the tabs above and have a look around my site. 

OK, where to start? Well, I live in sunny Sydney, Australia with my husband and three children, twin sons (born in 1995) and a daughter (born in 1998).

I started as a way of sharing everything I've learned over the years about the importance of reading to children. 

As my kids have grown, I've also learned a lot about which books appeal to kids at different ages, how boys and girls differ in their reading habits and preferences and how to keep them interested in reading when Facebook, TV and the X-Box beckon (ie all the time!)

I'm not a bookseller with a vested interest in encouraging you to buy particular books (although I do make a small commission from the ads on the site). I'm simply a mum and teacher who's passionate about reading and about getting kids interested in books and reading as early as possible in their lives. 

Oh, and a few years ago I started a gift basket business focused - you guessed it! - on books for your children. You can check it out at

My Love Affair with Reading

Like many kids, I learned to love reading and books from an early age when my mum used to read to my sister and I.

I clearly remember (I was about six) mum reading one of Enid Blyton's wonderful Famous Five books to us before we went to sleep.

The story was so exciting I couldn't wait until the next night to hear another chapter so, after Mum had said 'good night' to us, I sneaked the light back on and kept reading. The book was a bit hard for me to read by myself but I really wanted to know what happened next!

And, really, I've never stopped reading.

School was followed by uni and then three years working and travelling in Europe. More uni (a post-graduate degree in commerce/marketing) plus a career in sales and marketing at Qantas followed that.

And through it all I just kept on reading.

Later, I read through two pregnancies and while juggling part-time work and caring for three small children (did you know it's possible to breastfeed two babies and read a book, all at the same time?)

So What Do I Read?

Anything and everything, really. Well, almost ... I've never really understood the whole science fiction thing.

I have a passion for Australian history so I read a lot of that. I also love romantic fiction, thrillers, mysteries and biographies.

I read quite a few children's books and young adult fiction, which I love too.

There are links to a few websites I like here. 

As I mentioned earlier, these days, my children are not so small. In fact, they're all at high school and two of them are now taller than me!

I still read a lot, work part-time and run our busy household. I also write fiction and am learning how to create websites like this one. 

I'd like to think that my site will inform, encourage and help parents and other people who have kids in their lives to get their kids into reading:

I hope you enjoy it. 

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