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Enid Blyton Bed-time Stories

These collections of Enid Blyton bed-time stories were first published in the 1970s and have been re-published a few times over the years.

enid blytonEnid Blyton

I remember many of the stories in these books being read to me when I was a child so they bring back many happy read-aloud memories. 

I also went on to become a huge fan of Enid Blyton (that's her on the left) once I could read independently. I especially loved the Famous Five books!

Anyway, the stories in these anthologies are not stories about going to bed but short stories which are the perfect length for reading aloud at bed-time.

The stories themselves will probably seem quite old-fashioned to our children today but it's actually quite good for them to hear something a bit different to the contemporary stories they're used to.

Remember that one of the wonderful benefits of reading aloud to children is that they you are exposing them to a wide variety of different types of language. As you pour new words and sounds into their ears, their brains absorb and process them. This builds their vocabularies and helps develop an understanding of the way language works.

Hearing words they don't hear in every-day conversations is fantastic for their language skills and sharing older stories like these Enid Blyton bed-time stories is a wonderful way of doing this. 

enid blyton, goodnight stories

So why not read a few Enid Blyton bed-time stories to your little one as part of his or her overall literary education? It sounds a bit posh put like that but my kids loved the stories when they were young and I loved the way they were such a change of pace from what we usually read together.

My children were about four or five years old when we read them and we had lots of interesting discussions about the words and experiences described in the stories that were new to my three. 

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