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The Book Depository is my favourite place to buy books online and the place I buy almost all my books these days.


The main reasons are the free postage and the amazing prices but there are other advantages too. 

the book depository

6 Reasons To Buy From The Book Depository

    #1 Price 
    I live in Australia and books are relatively expensive here. I love to read and spend quite a bit of money on books so price is important to me.

    The Book Depository's prices are much lower than the prices at my local book shops, sometimes there's as much as a 50% difference!

    #2 Convenience: 
    Many of the books I buy are not best-sellers or new releases so they're often not stocked by the book shops in my area.

    I'm a busy Mum and I actually loathe shopping so I find it frustrating to make a special trip to the shops to look for a book, only to find they don't stock it. 

    #3 Range 
    The Book Depository has an amazing range of books and it's rare that a book I need is not in stock. They have access to over 2.2 million titles which they can ship within 48 hours. 

    The other thing is that I can often get books before they're released in Australia.

    I discovered this a year ago when my daughter was anxiously awaiting Book 2 in a series and I went online to see if I could get it through theBook Depository.

    Not only was I able to order Book 2 - Book 3 was also available! 

    #4 Delivery 
    I've been buying books from the Book Depository for two years now and have been really impressed with their service.

    The books arrive well-packaged and usually within 5 days of ordering, which is pretty amazing when you think that I'm in Sydney, Australia and the books are coming to me from the UK. 

    #5 Free Postage 
    The Book Depository offers free international delivery to over 90 countries worldwide.

    This is great because it cuts down on the cost to me but I also like it because it makes ordering so much easier. I don't have to factor in the cost of postage when I'm browsing the site for books - the price shown is the price I'll pay! 

    #6 Great Customer Service 
    I've only had one problem since I've been buying books through the Book Depository and that was handled so well, I am now an even more loyal customer than I was before!

    We'd had a period of heavy rain in Sydney and, despite the packaging feeling dry when I opened it, the paperback book inside showed signs of water damage.

    It wasn't an expensive book and I'd had such great service up to that point that I nearly didn't bother contacting the Book Depository. I did, though, partly because the book was a gift for my mother and partly because I thought they should know so that they could perhaps take steps to try and make sure it didn't happen again.

    So what happened?

    Within 24 hours, I received a short, courteous email expressing the company's apologies and offering me a choice of either a refund or a new book.

    In either case, there was no need to send the damaged book back. The emails were short and personal and hit exactly the right note.

    I was more than satisfied! 

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