Dr Seuss Books

Dr Seuss books were great favourites in our house for many years as my children were growing up.

My three children are all teenagers but I still have the well-read, dog-eared copies of Hop on Pop, Green Eggs and Ham and loads more in our storeroom downstairs.

So many lovely memories are tied up in those books that I just can't bear to throw them out! 

dr seussDr Seuss

Kids of all ages love the silly rhymes and quirky illustrations which are part of all the Dr Seuss books and it helps that they're also great fun for adults to read.

In fact, there are many wonderful things about being a parent but I think introducing your children to the Dr Seuss stories you loved as a child is one of the best and most fun parts of being a parent! 

So Who Is Dr Seuss?

Dr Seuss’s real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. 

He was an American writer and cartoonist who wrote 44 books for children in the years between 1945 and 1975.

This makes the books quite old now, yet they’re still among the most popular children's books around.

I'm not sure exactly why Dr Seuss stories are so much fun to read. The nonsense rhymes and repetition just seem to create sentences that roll easily off the tongue in a satisfying rhythm.

Babies and young children love this and it's important for their development that they hear this sort of language.

In fact, sharing the Dr Seuss books with your child will help develop his language skills and even lay the foundations for learning to read later on.

You can even start before your baby is born.

There's good evidence now that babies hear and respond to sounds outside the womb well before they're born and there's a special Dr Seuss book designed for parents to read to their unborn baby! 

This section of Best Books for Kids contains loads of information about Dr Seuss and his books and about how they can help your child grow into an enthusiastic and confident reader.

Here's some of the information you'll find here:

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Dr Seuss Books

All the Dr Seuss books have something to offer and are wonderful to read with your children but there are some that really do stand out.

These are the ones that were the most popular Dr Seuss books in our house.

the cat in the hat

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one fish two fish red fish blue fish

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green eggs and ham, dr seuss books

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hop on pop

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