Ideas For A Baby Shower

If you're looking for ideas for a baby shower, what about a "Baby's First Library" theme?

The basic idea with this is that the guests are invited to give a children's book as a gift to make up a library of lovely books for the new baby.

You can suggest the guests bring a book that was a favourite of theirs when they were small or, if the guest is a parent themselves, perhaps a favourite of their own children.

Of all the ideas for baby showers out there - and there are many! -  this is one that has so many positives.

Just think of all the possibilities when it comes to invitations, the cake, decorations and all the other fun stuff!

Why Do A Book-Themed Baby Shower?

Reading to babies is so important for their development and it's the very best way to start out if you're keen to raise a smart kid who likes to read.

And it's never to early to start reading to your baby.

In fact, starting on the day your baby is born is a perfect way to start your reading relationship together.

If you're planning a baby shower for your new baby and you love to read, why not kick-start your reading adventure together by planning a baby shower around a "children's books" theme?

You can read anything you like to a small baby but the book I think is absolutely perfect to read aloud to your new little person is Sam McBratney's Guess How Much I love You. 

This is a gorgeous book that's become a bit of a modern classic. It's about a father rabbit putting his little son to bed and the "guess how much I love you" game they play together.

A book like Guess How Much I love You makes a lovely and relatively inexpensive baby shower gift.

Have a look in the column on the right to see more suggestions. 

Why Books Are The Best Baby Shower Gifts!

Of course I'm kind of biased, but here's what I think:

  • the same books are loved by baby girls and baby boys so there's no worry about choosing a "boy gift" or a "girl gift"

  • there's a book to suit every budget. You can give one book, a couple of books, a bigger selection or even a specially made baby book gift basket
  • books are the gift that goes on giving. A baby will enjoy a favourite book for at least two years, long after he or she has grown out of all those cute little baby outfits
  • giving a child a book literally sets him on the path to being a good reader.
  • you can never have too many books!

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