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On this page, you'll find reviews of the best books of poems for kids.

Children love nursery rhymes and poems but did you know that it's actually very important for them to hear these read aloud?

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This is something I only discovered recently.

Yes, it turns out that hearing poems, along with playing word games and clapping games, helps children develop phonological awareness, a skill that's important for learning to read.

So which poems are best to share with children?

Which poems are best for children?

Good poems for young children come in several guises:

Nursery rhymes are a great place to start if you're keen to introduce your young child to poetry. They're basically short rhyming poems so they're perfect for reading aloud to little ones.

Your baby may receive a book of nursery rhymes and poems from a friend or relative.

If not, there are some fantastic books available in book shops and libraries. 

Borrow one from the library if this is your only option but do try to buy one if you can as this is a book you will read to your child for years to come.

If you'd like to buy a book of poems for young children, the Book Depository - my favourite online book shop - has a great selection and postage is free anywhere in the world.

Michael Foreman's Nursery Rhymes

poems for kids, michael foremans nursery rhymes

This gorgeous book contains over 200 of the best-known and loved nursery rhymes and short poems for children.

There are lullabies, action rhymes, nonsense verse, riddles and tongue-twisters, all grouped by theme.

Michael Foreman is one of the world's great picture book artists and his illustrations in this book are playful and fun.

A Child's Garden of Verses

poems for kids, a childs garden of verses

If these poems weren't read to you as a child, you're in for a treat with this lovely book of poems written for children.

Robert Louis Stevenson's wonderful poems capture the joy and whimsy of childhood and Brian Wildsmith's illustrations add a fresh backdrop for this edition.

If you are familiar with the poems, you'll be catapulted back to your childhood as you read them with your little ones. 

A 'must have' book of poems for young children.

When We Were Very Young

poems for kids, when we were very young

This book was a great favourite in our house when my children were small and every so often someone will quote a line from one of the poems when a situation calls for it.

If someone read these poems to you as a child, you'll rediscover them with delight.

If you haven't come across this book before, you may find the verses a bit old-fashioned. The book was first published in 1924 but the rhymes are still absolutely delightful.

There are humorous poems for kids, along with several more thoughtful verses. All of them are really gorgeous.

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